Taxation Services

Taxation Services

Domestic and cross border taxation has increasingly become a subject of intricate complexities, quite often impacting current operations as also having serious potential implications for the business enterprises, its owners and management. Tax issues and controversies are compounded by the impelling need felt by business enterprises for corporate restructuring through mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, demergers, divestiture and privatization. With the advent of e-commerce, territorial jurisdictions in cross-border transactions pose both a challenge and an opportunity in the ever persistent quest for excelling tax-effective financial performance and results of an enterprise.

Transfer pricing complexities, availability of preferred tax rates, exemptions and concession in domestic and offshore jurisdictions play a critical role in the success or failure of business depending upon the manner in which business arrangements, joint ventures and other relationships and transactions are structured and articulated.

Business performance and success, therefore, is essentially a function of the ability to be forward-looking and in the process, see through the future trend of domestic and international taxation so that instead of reacting to the current developments and changes, the business enterprise is poised to take strategic tax decisions and pursue innovative tax solutions well in time to face new challenges and reap emerging opportunities. It is, therefore, rightly believed that the future belongs to those who benefit from well contemplated, sophisticated and articulate planning, options and strategies as an essential ingredient of the new paradigm. Strategic tax advisory thus tends to create new capabilities to meet the onslaught of domestic and offshore competition.

The use of latest technologies and the ability to access domestic tax expertise and experience in a variety of circumstances provide opportunities to render multifarious taxation services including the following:

  • Corporate Taxation Services
  • International Tax Services
  • Tax Due Diligence Reviews
  • Personal Taxation Services
  • General sales tax (GST) – Planning, Consultation, Compliance and Reporting Services
  • Other Indirect Tax Service