Human Resource Consulting

Human Resource Consulting

Asad Fouad has a dedicated Human Resources Consulting Practice. It comprises a multidisciplinary team of professionals who believe in working with clients using participative methodologies and tools, which are simultaneously adaptive and structured. We offer a full range of HR services to assist clients in attracting, retaining, motivation and developing an optimum mix of people.
The emphasis is on the need to develop an HR culture wherein HR strategies are synchronized with the overall business strategy of the enterprise. Our objective is to ensure that the HR function is handled by suitably qualified professionals who compete for corporate resources and contribute to the bottom-line. Such an approach is essential if HR is to occupy a place in the corporate boardroom along with marketing, production and finance. We are confident that once this happens, training and development efforts will be regarded as an investment in human capital and treated as a key business decision from which return is maximized for sustained growth.
The HR Consulting Division of Asad Fouad has a specialized team comprising of experienced management and technical professionals, who assist in providing our clients with high quality of services offered by Human Resources practice segment. The arrays of services include the following:

  • Organization Design and Structuring
  • Job Analysis and Design
  • Compensation Surveys and Design of Compensation Structure
  • Executive Search and Placement
  • Secondment and Executive Leasing
  • Human Resources Policies and Procedures
  • Competency Assessment
  • Institutional Strengthening Studies
  • Manpower Transition Studies
  • Workload Analysis Studies
  • Human Resource Audit
  • Training and Development Services

A brief description of each of the Human Resource Practice Segment is stated below;
Organization Design and Structuring
Organization Design engagements are aimed at reviewing the adequacy of organizational structure vis-à-vis long term objectives of the client and include services for:

  • Documentation and understanding of current structure, reporting relationships and governance process
  • Identification of areas of reform
  • Translation of long-term objectives into organizational requirements
  • Development of recommended structures. Reporting relationships, committee and manning levels.

Job analysis and Evaluation

Job Analysis involves developing position descriptions defining the purposes, objectives, roles, and responsibilities of various positions in the organization together with the person specifications for each position. An interactive process is adopted to ensure a high level of involvement of client personnel in the exercise. The resulting job Descriptions and person specifications are used to evaluate the jobs using a point rating system to determine the relative significance of various jobs in the organization.

Compensation Surveys and Design of Compensation Structure
Organizations need to ensure that their compensation structures and practices are consistent with market norms and trends to be able to attract and retain quality manpower. Such structures need to be internally consistent across functions and at various hierarchical levels.
We assist our clients in evaluation and aligning their existing compensation structures vis-à-vis market and industry practices and enterprise’s own corporate objectives and include services for:

  • Identification of benchmark positions and development of job summaries and list of comparative organizations.
  • Solicitation of participation from comparative organizations and circularization of data Collection Booklet, both in hard copy as well as electronic version.
  • Evaluation of compensation data with market statistics and identification of reasons for deviation (s).
  • Preparation of recommendations, highlighting implication of probable deviations.
  • Development of proposed compensation structure incorporating recommendations agreed with the client.

Executive search and Placement

  • Sourcing qualified manpower in a timely and effective manner is important to organizations for sustained performance in a competitive business environment. We assist clients at all stages of the sourcing process from definition of requirements to the final induction of fresh employees, by providing executive search and placement services adapted to the needs of specific clients. Clients have the flexibility of opting for generation suitable candidates from our in-house database of applicants or through recourse to press advertisements. Our network of contacts is frequently evoked to assist clients in reaching potential candidates through a head-hunting approach targeted to source the most suitable candidates.

Secondment and Executive leasing

  • Clients often wish to engage qualified manpower on contractual terms opting to use secondment and executive leasing services offered by us. Such engagement may be for a specified period or on an on-going basis to meet selective staffing needs, which are outside their permanent headcount or payroll. We ensure that the arrangement provides the clients with the flexibility they need in meeting their short term and temporary need for manpower.

Human Resources Policies and Procedures

  • Availability of documented human resources policies and procedures facilitates the discharge of HR function in an organization and is a key component in ensuring the presence of an effective HR culture. We assist clients in determining their needs in this regard, and help them to formulate and compile prescribed policy and procedures adapted to their specific needs. Where applicable, we also assist clients in the effective implementation of prescribed policies and procedural guidelines to ensure that intended objectives are achieved.

Competency Assessment

  • Determination of core competencies of senior management personnel is an important aspect in long term plans for career progression. We assist clients in undertaking a forward-looking assessment of potential and development needs of senior management personnel, correlating such potential and development needs with the future plans of the organization. Where applicable, the assessment center method is used focusing on each incumbent and ensuring that the report management personnel may also be included as part of the engagement deliverables.

Institutional Strengthening Studies

  • Institutional strengthening studies are generally comprehensive in coverage and typically include organizational, business, operational, and accounting aspects of organization. The overall objective of institutional strengthening exercise is to assist the client in achieving a major transformation in terms of organizational and institutional arrangements, enhancing the extent of formal documentation by compiling Policy and Procedures Manuals for various functional areas, stream-lining accounting and internal control systems, and developing reform strategies in human resources management.

Manpower Transition Studies

  • Addresses HR related issues arising out of major restructuring exercises included but not restricted to privatization of state-owned enterprises, merger of corporations and other forms of corporate restructuring. These include harmonization of compensation structure, redundancy management, exit strategies for surplus manpower, revised organizational structure, manning schedules, and other related issues.

Work Load Analysis Studies

  • Focus is on workload rationalization by developing strategies to ‘reconstruct’ the benchmark positions with reference to changing work environment and organizational requirements.

Human Resource Audit

  • Takes a close and critical look at the manpower resources deployed in an organization and profile thereof against the means of the organization. It also includes HR policies/processes within the company, identifies the gapes and reports a review of the concern and recommendations for corrective action.

Training and development Services
Assist clients in professional development of their personnel in various functional areas and skills through our in-house and open audience workshops and programmes. This includes:

  • Understanding requirements of client’s organization
  • Development and updation of new and existing technical material to reflect client’s requirements and current concepts
  • Discussion on the training material with client’s representatives
  • Conducting interactive training workshops