About Us

Asad Fouad, Chartered Accountants is a leading firm in accounting, auditing, tax and management consulting services. Our practices serve multinational and large national enterprises as well as fast growing small businesses

As globalization accelerates, business requires much more skill and determination, broad vision, increased investment in technology and state-of-the-art specialized services.

The firm is engaged in a wide spectrum of services, including but not restricted to Audit, Taxation, Financial Advisory including due diligence, privatization related services, Mergers and acquisition, incorporation and winding up, consulting extending to internal audit, accounting and internal control reviews, outsourcing, information technology system reviews and audit, executive search, re-structuring of organizations, corporate secretarial and share registrar services, etc.

Companies and firms in the manufacturing and services sectors, banks, securities brokers, investment bankers, insurance companies consider AF as one of the rapidly growing and outstanding professional firms serving their particular industry. Our leadership is evident from the clients we serve, the expertise we offer and the extent of our involvement in the industry affairs.

We are committed to rigorous client service standards. This mandates a process to ensure we understand the objectives of our clients and then to design specific, measurable plans for meeting those objectives.

Our approach concentrates on the successful interaction between the service team and our client.

Mission and Values

The pace of innovation in communication technology and dismantling of trade barriers have made the concept of global village a real life scenario. The recent corporate failures and resulting change in regulatory environment internationally and in Pakistan has exponentially increased the complexity of business. We recognize that in the new business and regulatory environment our clients’ needs and expectations have changed. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations in their endeavors to realize new opportunities and meet new challenges. We fully leverage our knowledge base, abilities of our people and access to Deloitte’s worldwide resources to deliver best client service.

While we pursue our mission to help our clients and our people excel, we are guided by a set of values which hold our clients’ interests supreme and simultaneously enable us to deal with any conflict of interest situation effectively. The following values are an integral part of our firm’s work culture, emphasized vehemently and followed in letter and spirit.

Client Interest

We recognize the trust our clients have reposed in us. Our client’s interest is always supreme. In all situations, we exhaust all avenues to protect client’s interest. We practice best-in-class client service standards to deliver distinctive service.


We acquire host of confidential information during the course of our engagements with our clients. We fully recognize the sensitivity of such information and take utmost care in handling it.

Ethical Business Practices

We believe good ethics and good business go hand in hand. We expect honesty and courtesy from all our employees. We are transparent and forthcoming in all our dealings with our clients and all our contacts. We are clear that we will determine the firm’s position with respect to matters of professional practice, accounting and auditing based on what we believe is the right answer, regardless of whether it is the popular answer.